Life Events

Moments and Milestones

Life is truly made up of moments and milestones. Sometimes the milestones in life are expected and planned. Sometimes they take us by surprise. Either way, there are things you can do today to prepare for your journey tomorrow. Here you'll find information on how to manage your way through life's moments and milestones.


Looking forward to retirement? Ready to take the step? Ironworks Financial can help you plan for the transition and implement the plan when you're ready. We'll work with you to understand the resources and options available to you and how to plan to use them in this new chapter.

Career or Job Change

You may have chosen to change employers or careers, or the decision may have been made for you. In either case, we can help you analyze the impact and help you think through the adjustments and decisions you must make to keep you on track toward your long-term goals.


Congratulations! We are all in favor of love at any stage of life. Looking at the financial implications of a merging of households helps to assure those existing legacies are honored and that expectations are clear, working to avoid future misunderstandings.

Starting a Family 

When you become a parent, you soon realize that meeting your growing family's needs will take some planning. Should you revise your budget? Review your insurance and estate plan? Begin saving for college? These are just a few of the questions you might have as you start this exciting phase in your life.


Like other major life events, divorce may be a path you've chosen or it may be unwelcome. In either case, working through the financial implications and charting a fresh course given the new realities can help lower the stress and clarify decisions that are helpful to make

Long-term Care or Disability Income Insurance 

We don't anticipate long-term illness or disability, but we know it's a possibility for all of us. Ironworks Financial can help you assess how your current assets would help you weather this kind of storm, and build some protection into your portfolio.

Loss of a Loved One

Whether you're planning for your family's well-being after your own death or experiencing the loss of a loved one, it may be helpful to have an experienced financial advisor by your side.